Monday, May 28, 2007

Dragon Dreams Exchange

I participated in an exchange at the Rotation Stitchers BB and recieved the most adorable dust bunny stitched by Missy Ann. You can see all of its cuteness at her blog I get my pic up. My recevee hasn't got hers yet, so no pic just now.
Thanks so much Missy, I love, love, love it. And everytime DH said " aren't you going to do anything but stitch today?" I just pointed to my sign
Thanks again for visiting, pics coming soon. I promise.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Quick catch-up

Whew, long time no blog.
I did finally get the rest of my birthday stash. A great variety of charts including Sweetheart Tree NR's, an Olde Colonial basket kit, Fancy Works patterns and a bunch more. I also received a stack of chart from Jennifer Aikman-Smith for being a Dragon Spotter. And I just purchased the new Mirabilia Mermaid of Atlantis. DH is a big Stargate fan, so this is for him. Now if I only had time to stitch.
What I have been working on is a jig dress for DD#2. She'll be wearing it tomorrow for her Highland Dance year end show so hopefully I'll have pics. She'll be dancing the hornpipe and a couple of Highland dances as well so I should get pics of those costumes as well, also made by me.
I'm back to working on Mirabilia's Titania, Queen of the Fairies, but I'm getting ready to put her down. Not sure what will be up next.
Thanks for stopping by. All the best