Saturday, October 13, 2007

Exchange recieved

Not by me, but one I sent. This was stitched for Paula from the SBEBB Halloween exchange. I stitched PS October block from a Prairie Year and finished it as a box. Inside has orange fabric finished so you could tuck in a pack of needles or some thing special. I also sent some floss with spooky halloween names, and some Lindt chocs.
The pic is on Paula's webshots album cause I forgot to take a pic.
I'm glad she likes it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little catch-up

I am a very frustrated stitcher. I am developing a ganglion cyst in my left wrist. The hand that I use to hold my fabric (yes I stitch in hand, everything else gets in the way)and it hurts!!. The pain radiates from the first three fingers of my hand up to my shoulder. It's making stitching painful and slow going. I was able to finish some exchanges. You can see the Quaker Alphabet I stitched for Jean here: (the linky button isn't working) Scroll down the page a little to the Needlebook from SuzanneN, that's me.
One needs a few more stitches, just have to get the conversion to DMC, one needs to be finished into something and a new one that I haven't started yet. I'm kinda drawing a blank but I have till Jan to finish it. Lots of time.
I've picked up Mirabilia's Winter Queen. Soo much beading! But she will be beautiful when done.
DD#2 and I spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Castlegar where she competed in her first Intermediate highland dance competition. She will spend a year at Int and then move up to Premier, the last level. She did well, 2-2nds and 2-3rds. It can be difficult to place at this level so she is very proud of herself, as am I. She is also progressing very well in her solo number that she is doing for the highland scholarship competition in Nov. What a busy girl.
Think that is it for now. Thanks for stopping by.