Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fourth freebie finished

This is the last freebie of the Four Freebie Challenge on the FGBB. It is a design by Tanya Meehan available from the Stitching Expo. I used dove grey evenweave and stitched it using WDW and Old Willow threads. I finished it as a tin after seeing so many great tin finishes in other peoples blogs. It was really quite simple apart from the hand cramps trying to squeeze the glue out of the bottle.
I really enjoyed this challenge. I stitch mostly big projects, so it was nice to have so many finishes in such a short amount of time. I wonder what's next.
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There are more views in my Picturetrail album, clickable on the sidebar over there. You can also see the rest of the freebies that I stitched for this challenge.
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Curling and Stitching

I finally got to see a women's world curling game last night. They've been playing in Japan and none of the stations broadcasted a game. Till 10pm Sat. night. Canada beat Denmark in the finals 8-4. While I was watching all the action, I stitched this sweet little design
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It is available at http://www.casamiainitalia.com/ I used a DMC variation on linen fabric.
I also want to show you the biscornu I recieved in an exchange from Kimber1y. Isn't it so pretty
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Red House Scissor Companion

One of the great things about being a quilter and a dollmaker is having a huge fabric stash. I was able to finish this little project by using some fabric scraps from another project. While searching for just the right thing, I found some great stuff for future smalls, a rich red with little crows, an earthy yellow dotted with eggs. I pulled each one out thinking of which project they could be used for.
Here is Ewe & Eye & Friends Red House Scissor Companion, stitched on 32ct ivory linen using DMC in the called for colors. Finished today with the green shown in the pic and purchased cording.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You can see my new stitching pics in my webshots album by clicking the link on the right side bar. I'm done trying to figure out how to get it to show in a post. Maybe tomorrow.

I have pics!

But I can't get them to upload on Webshots. My poor pictures are stuck in my 'puters harddrive and nobody can see them but me.
Soon there will be pics for all to see. Just as soon as I can remember my password.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So busy

I spent almost all of my day off at my store doing a fall order. I hate doing fall orders. Now I get to the dance studio and pool for the next four hours for highland dance and synchro. But I will get to work on my Red House scissor companion and tape measure cover. So not a total loss.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I've restarted the whole blog thing with one dedicated to my stitching, quiting, beading, painting. You get the idea. I hope to keep on top of this one with updates etc on what I'm currently working on.
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