Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bustin' with pride

I just received a call from DD#2's highland dance teacher. DD#2 has been chosen to go to Edmonton in Nov to compete for the BATD Highland Scholarship! Every year she writes a theory exam, which includes dancing and oral questions. She scored so high that she, along with another dancer from her class, have been invited to compete for this scholarship. This is a North American scholarship so she will be competing against other dancers from Canada and the US in three catagories, written theory, solo choreography and a master class combining the two. We are busting our buttons we are so proud of her. Her teacher said that a few years ago when she had another dancer chosen there where only 25 in the group. From all of N.A. What an honour. I told DD that the next few months won't be easy for her. She needs to be very prepared for alot of hard work. Good thing she's so very freakin' smart
Sorry for the ramble, I'm going to Snoopy dance for a while now.

Had a great time

We've been back from our trip for a little while now, and I think I'm recovered enough. We saw some great sites, Hopewell Rocks, Anne of Green Gables play in Charlottetown, the Citidel in Halifax to name a few. DD#2 did her highland dance comp in Halifax, and danced very well indeed. She took 1st- fling, 4th- Seann Tribhuans, 3rd- lilt, 4th- flora. And third overall for the aggrigate. She's happy, so I'm happy.
I took lots of pics while we were gone, some of my favorites being at Peggy's Cove. Or they would have been my favs if the picture card in my camera didn't decide to die, taking the hundred or so pics on it with it. To say I'm not happy is putting it mildly. At least I get a new camera. We are getting a Sony DSLR. Once I upgrade my picturetrail account, I'll have lots of great pics to share.
I did get some stash on my trip. My favorite, I think, is Brightneedle's Nantucket Sampler. The model at 'Because you Count' in Moncton had replaced Nantucket with New Brunswick, so I think I'll do something similar to remind me of the trips back east.
I think I'll save more stitchy news for the next post.
Thanks for popping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Leaving, on a jet plane

We fly out tomorrow for a family trip to Moncton. We'll be gone a couple of weeks visiting family and playing tourist. DD#2 will be competing at a highland dance comp in Halifax, the hilight of the trip for her. She's hoping to take home the aggrigate but I'm sure the competition will be tough and that she better dance her little buns off for that. I'll be happy if she places in all her dances.
WE will also be going to PEI to see an Ann of Green Gables play, to Shediac, the Bay of Funday, Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay (my personal favorite place), just to mention a few. While in Moncton, I'll be visiting Because You Count, a great LNS.
Behave yourselves while I'm gone :)