Friday, May 30, 2008

Have you missed me?

I hadn't realized how long it's been since I blogged. I'll have to make an effort to stay up to date.
A quick catchup: DD#1 and her synchro duet partner took home a gold medal at the provincial championships last weekend. This is the second year in a row for them. Way to go girls!! They will also be competeing this routine at the BC Summer Games in Kelowna this July, as well as a team routine.
DD#2 continues to bring home golds and silvers for her highland dancing. She recently won a 1st place trophy for the jig at a competition in Kimberley, BC.
DD#3 has her year end dance recital this weekend, fri through sun. She has to miss her highland dance year end due to scheduling conflics but until they perfect cloning, oh well.
In stitchy news, I'm still working on Winter Queen. I think I'm more than half way finished and had hoped it woulf be done by now, but the weeks seem to fly. I need to allow myself a coupl of guilt free stitching hours a day.Bringing stitching to work isn't a good idea, especially a project with colour changes. I do have a monochrome JBW piece that I work on, and I've started Ink Circles Quackworth. I'm using a J&P Coates thread in muted pink-beige-green on Coffee Bean. I think it will look alright.
I'm also in the planning stages of a celtic knot quilt. I'm trying to figure out how to calculate yardage from a 4" stamp.
~~i'm posting from work, there are times that I HATE dealing with the public. How can one person ruin a great day??~~