Sunday, March 25, 2007

Curling and Stitching

I finally got to see a women's world curling game last night. They've been playing in Japan and none of the stations broadcasted a game. Till 10pm Sat. night. Canada beat Denmark in the finals 8-4. While I was watching all the action, I stitched this sweet little design
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It is available at I used a DMC variation on linen fabric.
I also want to show you the biscornu I recieved in an exchange from Kimber1y. Isn't it so pretty
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Vonna said...

Your little cherub pillow is sweet, sweet, sweet :)
And the biscornu you received is exceptional :)

Michele said...

love the pillow :) The biscornu you received is very nice! I have yet to stitch one .. maybe this month lol

We love to watch curling .. the oldest son of one of my friends plays curling .. just for fun teams, but they have a great time :)