Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is the crazy over yet?

Such a lot of travel. My oldest two DD are competetors, DD#1 in synchronized swimming, DD#2 in highland dance. Over the last couple weeks we've been to two competitions going in opposite directions.
First was Synchro in Nanaimo BC. That's a 4 hour drive, a 1.5 hour ferry and 10 mins from us. While there E and her partner won a gold in the 13 & over tier 2 duet, and their team took a fifth. This was their provincial competition and while they are thrilled with their duet placing, they are a little disappointed with their team placing. Aren't they proud!!
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I did get stash while we were there, at Future Dreams. I brought home SB's Spring Folio, The Cat's Whiskers' Feed My Soul sewing companion and Fancy Works' Lavender Rose sewing case.
I also recieved in and exchange Sheepish Designs' Wabbit's Wonder and Sweetheart Tree's Holly NR, Strawberry Patch NR, Forget-me-not NR and Remembrance Rose NR.
This past weekend DD#2, DH and I were in Kimberley BC, 8 hours from here (kamloops) at a highland dance comp. DD won a fourth in the Seann Truibhanns, Lilt and Flora and a third in the special Fling. She was disappointed in her results as she's used to getting firsts and seconds, but she didn't prepare very well for this one. I forgot to get a picture of her so that's on the to-do list. I made her a jacket to wear with her kilt and she looks so nice. So... pic to come.
Right now I'm working on TW's Peacock Tapestry. I love this one. Even with all the blends, I find it so soothing. I'm also working on my exchange piece for the FGBB scissor companion exchange. I think it's cursed though as I've had to rip it out a dozen times. But it looks fabulous!
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