Saturday, June 9, 2007

Going through old stash

I was going through some old magazines looking for a project, Merry Cox Needlebook, when I found all sorts of great projects. I found Indigo Rose Sweet Baby Jane Needle purse, a Brightneedle Mama Bird, a cute Drawn Thread and from a 2001 issue of SANQ a strawberry sewing box with smalls. I was quite excited to find this because the accesories are very cool, an attached pincushion, needleroll, scissor sheath and thread roll. The downside is that this issue doesn't carry the chart or instructions for the smalls. Oh well, I might be able to 'fake it' and come up with the charts on my own.

Thanks for the good feelings for Emily. She was back in the water today with no problems.
Thanks for visiting, have a great weekend.

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