Thursday, June 7, 2007

the worst feeling in the world

I know this is my stitchy place. A place filled with happy dances and comforting images of WIPS, finishes... things that bring me joy. Today is not that day. This has nothing to do with stitching and everything to do with my first love, my family. Specifically DD#1. You've seen her in a previous post, all smiles after winning a gold in duet synchro. Last night though there were no smiles and lots of tears and scared faces. Last night, DD was taken by ambulance to the ER stapped to a backboard, her neck immobalized after she hit her neck on the underside of the bulkhead that seperates the pool into lap lanes and synchro pool/dive tank/deep end. She was practicing some of her moves and didn't realize where she was. When she came up to get air, she came out of a tuck into the bottem of the bulkhead hitting the back of her neck. She's lucky. After I got the call from the pool, all I could think of was that she hit her head entering the pool which would have been so much worse.
X-rays showed no fracture, only a large contusion on the base of her skull. Then she was relesed. I never want to see my child strapped to a backboard ever again. The site of her helpless and crying tore at a part of me so deep I didn't even know it was there. She's home now, very sore and tired. But ready to hit the water on Sat. She has a test coming up to move her up to the next level, and nothing is stopping her do that. 'I wish I had broken my arm mom, I can still do synchro with a broken arm. It would be a lot harder with a broken neck' Kids.

THanks you for the comments on the jig dress and kilt. I'm getting ready to do another one for DD#3.
Karen, she's wearing character shoes. She won't compete the jig for a little while so we'll get her jig shoes then. Save my floors for a little while.


Michele said...

omg I can't even imagine how you felt watching that happen to your daughter! I'm sooo very glad to hear all is well now .. give her an extra hug from me :)

Vonna said...

I'm so glad she's alright. That's one positive out of the whole thing. I don't ever want to see my children hurt either...I can't imagine.

Nicole said...

I'm so sorry! Thankfully she's ok. I couldn't imagine going through something like that - it's our worst nightmare as a parent!